The ordinary people featured here have either had unique experiences, made significant contributions to their communities, or have achieved significant recognition for their accomplishments.

This site is an ongoing project of the Creative Writing class at Galway High School in Galway, NY.  Students conduct interviews and write feature articles about people they believe are living extraordinary lives.

We invite you to read the feature articles, leave comments, and participate in the discussions.  We also welcome recommendations of people we might feature in the future.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. These stories have captivated me.

    I have continued to read them all even though I had only planned on one or two.

    I am supposed to be doing school work, but this was just so inspiring.

    Lynn Prehn
    JH/HS Math teacher

  2. This site just came to my attention; it is great to see the student reports on these remarkable people. Congratulations to the students for their work writing about these interesting people, and to the teachers for making the commitment to get and keep this going. And thanks to Lori Liebert and Robert Van Vranken for the meaningful impact they have had on me, my family, and our larger community. They are extraordinary people.

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