8 thoughts on “Living well

  1. I believe people who live their life to the fullest and are living with the least amount of regrets are living well. People who fulfill their goals in life or live their dreams. Also people who are selfless. Generally, anyone who can say they are proud of their live and who have accomplished as many things as they can.

  2. Living well is boring. It’s that thing we all aspire to do yet once we do we a have mid-life crisis as a result of “living well”. Living well is going to college, competing for a stable job, getting married, house, kids, send kids off to college, grandkids, die… It’s that thing everybody does and then wishes they did something cooler with their life.

  3. Living well means living your life to the fullest and doing what you want to do to make you happy. So go ahead and go skydiving or join a band, and anything that will make you feel like your life is worth living. If you are happy in life, you are more likely to look foward to the new adventures in life, and to pass on you wisdom that you have gained over the years, and be excited about life. Also, you will be more apt to take care of yourself so you can go on more adventures. That is what living life is all about.

  4. In my opinion, living well means to be in good health, have your friends and family that you love around you, to have a place to call your own, clothing on your back and food and water. To someone else living well could just simply mean being alive. I guess I agree with both. I believe that simply being alive and seeing the sun rising and setting every day is enough. Society has forced us to believe that we need a big house, fancy cars, fancy clothes, etc. to be classified as living well. I just think anyone in this world is living well just by doing what they do, living their life and having a positive attitude about it.

  5. To me living well means living life to your fullest. Doing what you want to do in life and achieve what you want to achieve. Living well doesn’t mean you have to have everything you want and live top class. Living well means you do what you want and follow your own dreams. Living for yourself, not for anybody else.

  6. Being happy, healthy, and a good person. Being happy is essential. If you’re not, then life is miserable and you’re a negative person. You won’t enjoy or appreciate anything. Health is also important. If you’re overweight, or have medical problems (because of unhealthy diet), you won’t be leading a healthy lifestyle. You’ll feel lazy, tired, etc. and obviously that’s not good. If you’re kind, respectful, and responsible, I think you’re living a great lifestyle. All of these attributes help you to live well.

  7. To live well means to live happily. It means to fufil your personal goals and dreams. To live well doesn’t mean to be rich or famous. As long as you are happy you are living well.

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